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Aya's Top 10 Favourite Books
by Jien-kun

  1. How to Kill for Fun and Profit
    (Yeah, sorry I'm copying your title Sai ^_^X)
  2. 101 Ways to Keep Your Hair Red
    (This is based on a parody of mine called 101 ways to the perfect tan... It's based on Raistlin of Dragonlance)
  3. Removing Stains from Leather
    (you know his trenchcoat :) )
  4. Split Personalities: Assume The Persona of Your Loved Ones
  5. How to Keep Your Sister Alive
    (It's the bestseller by Nuriko of FY. Mwahahaha!!)
  6. Comatose People and How to Take Care of Them
  7. Why I Love Money
    (Okay, stupid title)
  8. Killing for Dummies
  9. Quotations for A Man's Soul
    (This is a real book. You can actually use some of these phrases before you kill a person, really!)
  10. Florist Politics for The Utterly Confused aka How to Deal With People Who Bore You
    (I changed the title of a real book; it's supposed to be 'office politics'. The "bore" part could be a reference to can you guess :) )

Other Titles

  1. Teams and Teamwork
    (Aya probably doesn't understand this)
  2. How to Get The Man You Love
    (Mwahahahaha!! Aya x Ken!! He probably borrowed this from his sister!)
  3. Slicing and Dicing
  4. A horoscope:
    'Mine says that I ought to stop throwing plastic bags filled with body parts in the drain. The neighbours are beginning to notice...'
  5. Botanica
    (Real book)
  6. The Art of Floral Design
    (Real book)
  7. Chic Simple Men's Wardrobe
    (Real book)

See there are so many books Aya could read!! I got most of these out of a catalogue.

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