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   The Abyssinian breed is characterized by a ticked coat, with each hair showing three distinct bands of dark markings. These cats are similar in appearance to the sacred cats portrayed in Egyptian culture. The appearance of these cats is both lithe and sleek, with the latter feature emphasized by their short, glossy coats. The Abyssinian cats are generally not such prolific breeders as other cats. They are very popular as pets and their lively, affectionate personalities guarantee them attention.


   The Balinese is closely related to the Siamese; it is a longhaired form of that breed. The Balinese were named for their elegant shape and movement after the native dancers of Bali. They possess many of the charateristics of the Siamese; they enjoy climbing and are quite athletic. Their voice can be persistent, but the call itself is generally lower in pitch. Affectionate cats, Balinese make good parents, and are exceptionally playful with their offspring.


   This striking breed is named after the black form of the leopard which exists in parts of India. These cats were derived from Burmese crossed with black American Shorthairs. The coat is short and has a characteristic patent leather appearance. The body of the Bombay is reminiscent of the Burmese, being lithe yet muscular.


   The Siberian is a large, strong cat which takes 5 years to mature. They are extremely agile and great leapers. Their muscles are mighty, outstanding and powerful. The overall appearance should be one of great strength, force and size with an excellent physical condition and alertness; the facial expression is quite sweet.

Reference: The Cat: The Complete Guide to Cats and Their World  by David Alderton

Abyssinian and Balinese images (c) Animals Unlimited • Bombay image (c) Creszentia Allen • Siberian image (c) Kravchenko Siberian Cats

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