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Aya's Room

Welcome to Aya's room... err, he doesn't know you're here - 'cause if he did, you'd be spliced into several pieces by now. And if you're from Schwarz, not only will Aya slice you into several pieces, he shall also jump on them. ^_~

So what is in Aya's room? Besides his wardrobe (don't swipe any of his trenchcoats!), there's also other junk lying around. Currently there's a leaflet on flowers on the table and his laundry basket is currently home to a litter of kittens! Oo;

Seems that Jien-kun sent Aya a few things... swipe that Weiß fan leaflet and the comic strip and take a look! Or perhaps you would like to check out Aya's book collection?

Aha! Do I see a suspicious lump under the mattress? *takes a peek under the mattress* Why, Aya's got some doujinshi hidden under there! Care to take a quick look? There's something under his pillow too...

Are? Sheesh, no wonder he hasn't been returning calls... the redhead forgot his cellular phone again!

Check them out before he gets back...

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