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Okay, so there's very little fanart in here - gimme a break, am a very busy person and can't draw as much as I want to these days... *sigh* I draw in my own style; a little on the shojo-ish side (or so I've been told), but at times they've gone horribly CLAMP-ish on occasions. So don't expect fanart that's absolutely identical to the anime, 'kay?

Anyway, just click on the thumbnails to see the actual picture - I tried to resize the pictures, but they looked TINY so I decided to just make a thumbnail of only a portion of the actual drawing.

• Omi •

My first successful(?) attempt at drawing Omi... eep. It's not really good, I know...

(12th September 1998)

• Ken •

Amazing what you can come up with when you're stuck in a boring lecture... heh heh.

(18th September 1998)

• Omi •

Why on earth can't I ever get his face right? Anyway, I think this attempt is better than the one up there...

(9th October 1998)

• Nagi •

A fanart submission featuring the youngest member of Schwarz. Visit Sam's page on Schwarz here!

Artist: Sam

• Aya •

More fanart submissions! This one of Aya with that familiar ALMOST a smile on his face.

Artist: Michiru

• Aya •

Yet more submissions! (You can tell Aya's the favorite of most of the fans)

Artist: Michiru

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