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Click on the thumbnails to see the actual picture - I tried to resize the pictures, but they looked TINY so I decided to just make a thumbnail of only a portion of the actual drawing.

• Schrudich •

Ahem. He's topless. If that offends you, don't click on the thumbnail. If that doesn't offend you, well...

Artist: Urdsama

• Omi •

Artist: Niko-chan

• Aya •

Artist: Niko-chan

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Weiß kreuz (c) Project Weiß 1998, 1999

All Weiß kreuz images (c) Project Weiß 1998, 1999. This page is provided by Tripod and is best viewed in a resolution of 800 x 600 in True Color; having the AGaramond font is a big plus.