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Site constructed on 26th August 1998
Last Updated: 14th September - Detailed updates listed in BBS

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SD Aya-chanOne last update before I start school next week - *hiss* *boo* - we have more new fanarts! Thank you, Urd-sama and Niko-chan for contributing! Aya's room has been updated again; check his pillow and cellphone. ^_~ We also have a new link to White June. I've finished the new omake! ^^v Hope you like it.

We need stuff for the fanfic and fanart sections! Submissions are always welcome. ^^v If you have written any Weiß fanfics or Weiß anything and would like to see them featured in this page, please send them to me. I'll accept anything and almost everything - poems, songfics, even yaoi. (If it's Ken x Aya, I'll definitely accept it! XD) Fanart submissions are also welcome!

So how do you like the new look? Feedback is much appreciated; use either the Guestbook or the Message Board - I'm sloth-like in answering mails. Enjoy!

P.S. USE THE MESSAGE BOARD!! PLEASE~! m(_)m All spams are extremely welcome!

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