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Ode to Weiß Kreuz

by Deena

I think I shall never see
A sexier girl than Omi.
And that Yohji, with his girlish locks
He loves women, and probably has the pox.
Then there is Ken, a dashing young buck
Forced from the soccer league, he’s outta luck.
Last comes Aya, the icy leader with flair
He’s got a katana and strangely cut hair.
Verse two for Aya; he’s the leader and a botanist too,
What a cool, dark dude, played by hunky Koyasu.
Takehito is the creator, he is the best
But we haven’t seen Weiß to put it to the test.
Weiß is so classy, Weiß is also the best
Too bad all the assassins have a female chest!

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