The Nearly Ultimate Weiss Survey 1.0
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The Nearly Ultimate WEISS Survey

(Version 1.0)

People of the world, WEISS up your life!!

This oughta be the first Weiß kreuz survey written (Nyack! Nyack! Nyack!) thus it is obviously named version 1.0, watch out I might get sued! And, of course, if you're at all offended by any of these questions or supplied answers... wake up and smell the bacon!! This is a show about a remorseful protagonist who angsts alot. Oh wait, that's Rurouni Kenshin... I borrowed a lot of stuff from some weird survey I read a loooong time ago...So, don't sue me , neh? I'm not doing this for profit!

Note: This form uses a mailto URL and unfortunately some browsers do not recognize mailto URLs.  If an error generates when you click SUBMIT, well too bad!! Hahahaha!!


So, you got a name or what?
Can you give me your e-mail address so I can sell it to various marketing agencies?

1) What gender are you going with this week?
That's none of your business!
Still waiting for the tests to come back!
2) How old are you?
A young 'un (under 18)
Escaping puberty (19-24)
The ideal marketing demographic (25-infinity)
Wise beyond your years
Disgruntled member of Generation X
3) What did you want to do with Tsuchiya Kyoko after you finished reading Volume 1?
Ask her politely where the rest of the book is
Show her a milk carton that has the question 'Have you seen this young man?' with Omi's picture directly underneath
Threaten her with uncertain death unless she brings back Naoe Nagi in the next book (uncertain death means he's uncertain as to how she will die, but there will be a lot of pain and perhaps a stick of celery involved)
4) Who do you want to read about the most?
Ken X Aya, Yohji X Omi. And for the really sick people, Crawford X Nagi
Gore splattering about the place with heads flying off in another direction, or did Tomoe Yukishiro just pass by?
Hel, Neu, Tooto, Shen and a bunch of perpetually angry women
Aya on a BAD hair day
5) What do you think is the thing Yohji likes most about his life?
Nicotine patches that help you smoke the whole day without changing your cigarettes
He can chase grls around without worrying about an angry girlfriend or until an Asuka-lookalike shows up. Horny lil grrrrrrrrrrrr......
He can wear body hugging clothing that makes him look like a girl yet no one cares
His , errr shall we say, unique fashion sense
6)What do you think is the thing Aya likes most about his life?

He's so famous, he won't even return phone calls from Entertainment Tonight
He can wear furry bunny slippers to bed each night without worrying that people will make fun of him (at least to his face) 11%
He get's to lead Weiss
One word, KEN!!!
He can fall in love with a girl who looks just like his sister and no one accuses him of incest.
7) All right, time to be as blunt as possible. Who's your favourite character?
Aya Ken Yohji
Omi Hel Shen
Tooto Neu Naoe Nagi
Crawford Shuderich Farfello
Aya (The real one!!) Ooka Battousai??
8) . What do you think Hollywood would do with Weiß Kreuz if they got their grubby little hands on it?
Cast a bunch of thirty year old actors in the lead roles, change the setting to Southern California, and call it Weiß Kreuz, 90210
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (assuming Buffy was Aya, and he got to say "I'm may be dead but I'm still pretty")
Disney will corrupt the tale, write a bunch of stupid songs, create lame sidekicks and make a trillion dollars
George Lucas will buy the rights, shroud his production in mystery, film in exotic locations, and demand 100 percent of the first two weeks' gross ticket sales. Oh, wait, that's Star Wars: the Prequels
Give the script to Steven Spielberg, who will then sit on it for twenty years while he's busy directing the next six Jurassic Park sequels
9)What really happened in episode 26(Where Neu met Yohji, I think)?
They both got really drunk and sang Barry Manilow karaoke until they were tossed overboard
They were unknowingly slipped Viagra in their drinks and then locked in a broom closet for twelve hours (none of the brooms survived)
They held hands, spoke their vows, kissed chastely, then went to the nearest bedroom, where they ended up smashing the headboard through the wall into the next room
They had to make MPL (Mad Passionate Love) in front of Schwarz and Schreint
10) Who's most pathetic?
Omi, cos he can get nasty flashbacks without taking LSD.
Nagi, he has psychic powers yet could'nt tell that he was going to get smashed into the latest blender created by Persia
Yohji, cos' there are'nt any 'Big and Tall' Stores in Weiss Land. How do you think he ended up wearing hipsters!!
Farfello, because pain can be so close to pleasure...
11)How did Takatori Reiji really die?
Barney - the Purple dino started singing 'I love you, you love me', which, unsurprisingly, triggered a fatal heart attack
He got subpeonaed by Kenneth Starr
The teletubbies showed up. Yet another disgustingly sick way to die.
He got exposed to celery and white mice...
He found out about Aya's weakness for teddy bears.
12) What is the oddest thing about Weiss land?
There's a lot more nudity in Weiss than there ever was in Rurouni Kenshin - not a complaint, mind you, just an observation
Every major character that picks up a weapon becomes a master of that weapon by the next scene
Every major character is either beautiful or handsome... now what are the odds on that, people?