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Ten Rules all Assassins should learn from Weiß

by Deena

  1. Killing never interferes with your looks or your hair. Rather it gives you an opportunity to expand your wardrobe to trenchcoats and goggles and try out new, saucy hairstyles.

  2. It is possible to defeat the enemy with dorky weapons like a wire or a claw-mitt or darts or an old sword.

  3. Having a little kid tag along may prove to be an asset.

  4. Being an assassin will raise your status among the opposite sex so you must make as many indecent passes towards any/all members as are possible. Beware of rival assassin groups of the opposite sex.

  5. A cunning disguise with which to fool the bad guys is a must. Owning a flower shop is highly recommended.

  6. Code names are also valuable. Names of rare cat breeds are a possibility.

  7. Playing with flowers will not make you any less of a man. In fact…

  8. It's all the rage to appear girly. Pose with flowers, change your name to your sister's (or any other girl's), wear large, protruding earrings, sport tank tops that will show off your long, lily white arms and slender bare belly and dress in tops that make you appear to have breasts. All these things will further enhance your popularity and desirability among fans.

  9. If you're not the moody, stylish leader then it sucks to be you.

  10. It doesn't matter if you're a girly, impossibly tall, big eyed, anorexic toothpick with a stupid weapon because you can still be a cool, classy assassin just like Weiß Kreuz.

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