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Hah! No longer empty! ^^v Thanks to everyone who sent in submissions - if you don't see your stuff here, it means I just haven't HTML-ized them yetm, so don't worry - I'll have your stuff up on the next update.

Jien-kun has sent in two short comic strips - Types of Weiß Fans and the... um, just see this.
More stuff by Jien:
• Untitled Coffee Omake
• A Crappy Weiß Fic

Deena has sent in some poems - check them out.
• Ode to Weiß kreuz
• Kreuzing with Weiß kreuz
• Yohji’s Memoirs

Also by Deena:
• 10 Rules all Assassins should learn from Weiß
• Interview with Weiß

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