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Image Flowers


Aya's image flower. "Surely because of the beauty of their flowers, roses have been an integral part of the history of humans, both ancient and modern. Whether one harkens back to clashes between rival families in the War of the Roses or twentieth century roses such as Peace, spirited out of Paris in 1939, there are many tales to tell."

Quote swiped from Timeless Roses


Yoji's image flower. The cattleya is a type of orchid and are among the most commonly grown orchids. The flowers in cattleya and their related hybrids come in many colors. Like most other cultivated orchids, cattleyas are epiphytes, or air plants.

More at the Orchid Web: American Orchid Society


Ken's image flower; the gentian is usually found growing in mountainous districts.

A little Gentian info at Wassersport und Naturschutz in NRW [German]


Omi's image flower. The freesia is a member of the Iridaceae family and is native to South Africa. The freesia has fragant, tubular shaped flowers and has a wide variety of colors.

See Freesia flowers at the Freesia Infosite [German/Dutch]

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