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Other Weiß Pages

If you want to view Chinese, Japanese and Korean text, get a text viewer from here.

Official Pages

Weiß Home Page   The official Weiß homepage at Polygram Animation Network (Japanese)

English Pages

Aya no Weiß kreuz Corner   For those looking for translations of the manga, try this site. Also has images scanned from the artbook and other sources; the pics are a whole lot better than mine, so visit this place if you want pics.
Endlessly Clear White   This site hosts mp3 files of the Weiß songs; also scans from various sources.
Schwarz   A page devoted to the bad boys of the anime - there's some Schereint stuff here too
The White Pages   Sumire's page; various info and a special section devoted to Koyasu Takehito, Aya's seiyuu
Weiss Kreuz Image Gallery and Multimedia   Screencaptures from the anime and MPEG files of the anime OP and ED
Weiss Kreuz: Underground   Haruka's site contains plenty of info on the Weiß seiyuu group, images and the other characters featured in the anime
Weiß Kreuz : Velvet Underworld   Yet more stuff to be downloaded - OP and ED themes and much more!
White June   Ruaki's nifty site - get all your yaoi WK needs here!

International Pages

White Wing   I don't understand what's in here honestly... ^^;;


The Weiß kreuz Webring   Got a Weiß Kreuz site? Sign up!

Mailing Lists

The Weiß kreuz Mailing List   English ML - I'm not on it so I have no idea what goes on in here


White Cross   Glad to find out that someone else couldn't think of a good name for a site  ><
Weiss Kreuz Kapitel Distribution   Desperate for the anime? Get the tapes here! (US/CAN only)

Other Links

Anime Web Turnpike   I haven't a clue why Jei put Weiß kreuz down as 'White Cross' - I submit "a site on the anime 'Weiß kreuz'" and what does Jei do? Doh!
~intergalactic~   Need skins for your Winamp? Go here.
Shitajiki Online   Whee! One of the biggest collections of shitajiki scans on the net!

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