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Yohji痴 Memoirs

by Deena

I知 such a racy cool dude
Can I help it if I知 a bit lewd?
I知 the man and I致e got wire
I知 a killer and I知 on fire.
Though I may be part of Wei゚
I値l work for any gal with a pretty face.
Check my cool hipster jean flares
Classy shades and stylin hairs.
Tell me I ain稚 the man
With the Wei゚ master plan.
Aya痴 our leader and he got a sword
But I知 better cause I got a cord!
Ken loves his kids and plays soccer
He has a stupid claw but I知 still the shocker.
Last member is Omi the computer whiz
A young little boy who pass as a miss.
But forget about them cause I知 the best
As all my lady friends can attest!
But now I my memoirs must come to an end
Cause I see seven chicks around the bend!

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