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Okay, so there's very little fanart in here - gimme a break, am a very busy person and can't draw as much as I want to these days... *sigh* I draw in my own style; a little on the shojo-ish side (or so I've been told), but at times they've gone horribly CLAMP-ish on occasions. So don't expect fanart that's absolutely identical to the anime, 'kay?

Anyway, just click on the thumbnails to see the actual picture - I tried to resize the pictures, but they looked TINY so I decided to just make a thumbnail of only a portion of the actual drawing.

• Aya •

My favorite Weiß Kreuz character; 'tis fitting that the first fanart up here should be of him, eh? Just love those guys in trenchcoats... I'll color it one of these days.

(28th August 1998)

• Yoji •

A quick pencil sketch of Yoji. Why am I drawing this guy? I never liked him much... ugh.

(29th August 1998)

• Aya •

The colored version of the Aya sketch... (yes, never let me anywhere near a graphics program) Okay, so it sucks. Bleah.

(30th August 1998)

• Ken •

Doesn't look much like Ken, I know, I know... this is one of those occasions where my drawing style just goes haywire...

(31st August 1998)

• Yoji •

Was trying to draw Ken, but I screwed up with the eyes and got too annoyed to start over, so turned it into Yoji. (And an icky one too)

(31st August 1998)

• Aya •

Aya again? Well I did say he's my favorite, didn't I? If I didn't, well I'm saying it now. Aya's my favorite. So there. And yes, I was too lazy to make a new background.

(4th September 1998)

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